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The intervention envisages an environment wherein duty-bearers and the children are capacitated for sustained enhancement of the child's opportunities for education for the unbridled growth and development as an individual. The project seeks to engage all key stakeholders through focused capacity building programmes and promotion of community organizations towards collective action to ensure the fulfillment and protection of the rights of the children. The intervention reaches out to 20 educational institutions and 40 communities to assure that an environment conducive to the right growth and development of the children are created through the combined effort of the institutions, community and the government for protecting, promoting and guaranteeing the fulfillment of their rights.

• To create enabling environment that would support, nurture and sustain the efforts to retain children in the formal education system.

• To provide opportunities for additional coaching, mentoring and curricular and co-curricular activities for children vulnerable to be dropped out both at the institutional and community level

• To capacitate and engage families and communities towards being proactive towards the protection of the rights of the children and creating an environment conducive to their growth and development.

• To develop an inclusive atmosphere in educational institutions for enhancing capacities of poor performing, deprived and differently abled children.

  • Remedial Programme
  • Weekend Children's Gatherings
  • Community Child Protection Committees
  • Emergency Responses for Children
  • Child Rights Education for communities
  • Life skill Education and counseling for Children
  • Teachers' Training Programmes
  • Support to poor and vulnerable children