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Disaster Management & EMERGENCY RELIEF


Disaster Management and relief is carried out by the organization in coordination with the 72 catholic centres spread across the state of Nagaland. At the time of a disaster, a need assessment is done at the local level by the centre in charges and are forwarded to the organization for planning relief and reconstruction intervention with support from local, national and international agencies. The organization responds with emergency support in terms of food, clothing and other essential items. Reconstruction and rehabilitation programmes are undertaken after detailed study and planning.


Development Association of Nagaland rising to the occasion of pandemic disaster joined hand with the nation in the North Eastern part of India in Nagaland to bring relieve to the people.

Though it may be a tiny drop in the ocean of need but it was a timely help for the people in real need

DAN with its supportive partners across Nagaland, through their help and on their own carried out the relief work

Along with the administration, Development Association of Nagaland-DAN distributed dry ration to various individuals and families starting from 05 th April 2020. We have reached out to 2,918 families, 139 migrant families (workers), 307 migrant workers (Individuals) and 271 students from different states in Nagaland

We began another phase of relief work on 10 th May, 2020. It's about caring for those who are back from other states and are being quarantined at various government designated centres. DAN with its staff and students volunteers from St. Xavier College- Jalukie, totalling to 23 volunteers reached out the food packs prepared by the caterers chosen by the food committee appointed by the administration. The voluntary service was done till 13 th of June 2020. The work load kept increasing as number of quarantine centres kept growing. But the spirit of service kept us happy and cheerful to put in our share at a challenging phase of the crisis.