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Building Community Competence in Enhancing Health Indicators in Rural Nagaland

Building Community Competence in Enhancing Health Indicators in Rural Nagaland

The Community Health Initiative of the organization was conceptualized as a response to the prevailing healthcare challenges faced by the people in the remotest villages in Nagaland. Initiated in the year 2016, the project reaches out to 120 villages in the districts of Kiphire, Phek, Kohima, Peren and Dimapur through an intervention of building competence of the communities to the address the local healthcare challenges by collective action. The project focuses on enhancing knowledge as well as changing behaviors attitudes and practices towards developing healthier communities in the rural Nagaland. The process involved collaboration and partnerships with the community leadership, the healthcare department of the government of Nagaland, the churches and civil society organizations and professionals and volunteers.

The key components of the project include:

Generating Community Responses towards healthcare through formation of Community Health Action Teams (CHAT) in every village.

Enhancing knowledge on prevention, treatment and management of communicable and non-communicable diseases

Sensitization and awareness programme and water sanitation and hygiene and facilitation of construction and maintenance of household and community toilets, drainage system and proper waste management

Training and mentoring of Healthcare Volunteers (Essential Care Givers) in each village as the first point of care for the villages.

Promotion of Natural Medicines- through training on preparation of traditional medicines as well as development of Medicinal plant gardens in each village.

Enhance availability and accessibility of health services through networking with the local government, NGOs and civil bodies.

  • Prevention and management of Communicable Diseases.
  • Community Health Action Teams
  • Essential Care Givers (Community Health Workers)
  • Herbal Medicine Gardens
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Health Camps
  • Community Health Education Programmes
  • Mother and Child Health