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Facilitating Agricultural Regeneration Measures- North East-III,

Facilitating Agricultural Regeneration Measures- North East-III,

The 'Facilitating Agricultural Regeneration Measures in Northeast' (FARM North East) project implemented by DAN in 11 villages in Jalukie Block in Peren District in Nagaland since 2013, reaches out to nearly 1000 households engaged in agriculture. Through the intervention, the organization has been able to lay a sound foundation for comprehensive development in the agricultural sector in the targeted area. The result indicates 60% increase in agricultural output and enhanced engagement of people in scientific cultivation, multiple cropping and collective involvement in marketing in the local markets. Further, the project enhanced people's participation and initiatives in addressing the concerns pertaining to the general socio-economic and environmental concerns in the region. The

Strategic Objectives of the Project

• Marginalized farming communities adopt traditional farming practices which are more sustainable and more efficient to strengthen food sovereignty.

• Communities become empowered to take up collective action for promotion of socio-economic and self-governance development.

• Improving health standards by reviving traditional preventive and curative health practices, based on forest-based medicinal plants, which are acceptable to all.

  • Farmers Clubs
  • Traditional Seed banks
  • Herbal Medicine Booklet
  • Kisan Mela
  • Self Help Group Promotion