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CBR Project is in operation since April 2009 in 30 villages of Chumukedima Block, Dimapur Nagaland supported by CBR Forum, Bangalore involving 217 Persons with Disabilities.

This project aims at mobilizing the communities, families and other key stakeholders in providing and promoting community based rehabilitation for people with disabilities and increasing the quality life of PwDs in 30 villages within Dimapur District of Nagaland. Main activities would include staff training, baseline survey, advocacy and awareness building regarding issues relating to PwDs, IGA support and enlisting involvement and participation of all key stakeholders to ensure community based rehabilitation for all PwDs in the target villages.

Our Project address five thematic areas- Health, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment.

Data of PwDs:

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DAN Training Centre
Carmel HSS Compus, Chekiye Village, 4th Mile, Dimapur, Nagaland. Phone: 03862242799,