Development Association of Nagaland


The children and youth are empowered to be proactive contributors to democracy, progress and development in the communities through the Children’s Parliament Mechanism.


  1. Children in communities and institutions are mobilized, sensitized, formed into children’s parliaments and are engaged in discussion and action aimed at fulfillment of their rights and sustainable development of the community at large. 
  2. Children and youth are capacitated and skilled on rights and duties as citizens and possess
    enhanced knowledge, attitudes, aptitudes, and skills that contribute their unbridled growth and development along with their peers elsewhere. 
  3. The children are empowered towards making informed responses to the policies and implementation of programmes and are proactively engaged in the protection and promotion of the rights of the children, especially the vulnerable and the marginalized. 
  4. An enabling environment for fostering child led initiatives is sustained in the institutions and communities through the participation and engagement of all stakeholders.